Trying to figure out someone else’s shower



a strong female character is one who is defined by her own characteristics, history and personality, and not solely by the actions or needs of other characters. she is a person in the story, not a prop. x

A Soliloquy to the Masses Bailey. Dix d'Aout. I can't see colors correctly and prefer dreidels to jesus, I adore men and find that all the best music makes me sad, I sell shoes and complain too often, I tried to be a hipster but settled for a whovian. I've got a large animosity towards sleeping alone and extended periods of celibacy. 28:06:42:12


i’m lying on my front porch listening to old voicemails you’ve left me


this bearded dragon enjoys dressing as a real dragon.

Favorite Opening Credits: Orange Is The New Black

"All those eyes and mouths that make up the "Orange Is The New Black" opening credits are from real women, not actors.

Set to Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time,” the credits are a montage of smiles, frowns, glares and stares of formerly incarcerated women, and other prison mainstays like barbed wire, fingerprinting, handcuffs and more.

The credits were designed, at the request of creator Jenji Kohan, to get the point across that the show wasn’t just going to be telling the story of Piper Chapman.” (x)

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